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Data Driven Banking (in cooperation with Accenture)

Case Study with Accenture:

65% of customers are comfortable  with the way Banks use their personal data. But what do data-driven banks do with it and how to satisfy the other 35%? Explore the answers in our Accenture workshop, and learn how we, as a leading technology company, make the best use of data & analytics. Afterwards an Apéro awaits you! We are looking forward to meeting you!


Where: Accenture Office, Fraumünsterstrasse 16, 8001 Zurich

When: 09.05.2019, 18:00


How to participate: Join the Facebook invite or register at


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Wikidata - Freie Daten für Forschung & Gesellschaft

Wikidata ist eine der größten offenen Datenbanken mit über 55 Millionen Einträgen.

Welche Daten gibt es und wie kann man Sie nutzen? Wie kann man Daten beitragen oder sie mit Wikidata verknüpfen? In einem Vortrag + Workshop lernen wir die Grundlagen von Wikidata, Graph-Datenbanken und der Abfragesprache SPARQL (Keine Vorkenntnisse erforderlich)

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Don’t fear intelligent machines. Work with them.

Panel Discussion

Are you curious to learn from leading experts about their AI projects in business and research? Do you wonder where our society is heading with AI and what is needed for it to be beneficial for all of us?

Then join our panel discussion where leading experts on artificial intelligence will share insights from their current projects and shed a light on our future with AI:

• Prof. Damian Borth, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning at HSG
• Marc Vontobel, Founder & CTO of Starmind International AG
• Peter Rudin, Founder of Bluewin & Publicist of
• Xiaoqun Clever, Chief Technology & Data Officer at Ringier AG

Presenter: Massimo Mannino, PhD, Data Scientist & Founder of Datacareer

After the panel, you will be invited to an apero. Please indicate your attendance here. We are looking forward to meeting you!

“The genie is out of the bottle. We need to move forward on artificial intelligence development, but we also need to be mindful of its very real dangers. I fear that AI may replace humans altogether. If people design computer viruses, someone will design AI that replicates itself. This will be a new form of life that will outperform humans.”
Stephen Hawkings, November 2017



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Game of Threats - A Cyber Incident Simulation

Take part in PwC’s interactive cyber incident simulation and prove your cyber knowledge by defending your company or in the team of threat actors. You will be working in a team against the clock and with limited resources in a race to beat your opponents. The game challenges you to make quick, high-impact decisions.

The simulation immediately shows you the effect of your decisions and and provides valuable insight into the Cyber Threat Landscape. After the first round you will review your strategy with one of our consultants and get a chance to get even with the opposing team or to beat them again and achieve even greater victory. If you want to, you may also switch the sides.

After the game, you will be invited to an apéro. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Interested? Send an email to confirming your attendance. The number of participants is limited.

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Reden ist Silber, Chatten ist Gold - KI im Kundenservice

Künstliche Intelligenz (KI) zieht in unseren Alltag ein.

Interaktionen mit KI (z.B. Chatbots) sind in unserem Alltag oft nicht wahrnehmbar. Im Kundenservice spielen sie dabei branchenübergreifend eine immer wichtigere Rolle. Seid dabei und erfahrt mehr über KI & Chatbots im Kundenservice. Christoph Hahn (Head of Technology & Innovation, Q_PERIOR AG) gibt Euch einen aktuellen Einblick in das spannende Themenfeld und beantwortet alle Eure Fragen.

Zeitplan für das Event:

16:15 Gastvortrag Christoph Hahn, Q_PERIOR AG
17:15 Apéro

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BAIN FinTech Challenge 2019

Are you curious about how FinTechs will disrupt the traditional banking sector? Join us on February 28 for a two-week case challenge, which guides you through the noise around financial technology.

The Data Science & Technology Club at HSG in cooperation with Bain & Company is organizing a demanding two-week case challenge. During the two weeks, you will work in small teams to solve a real-life business problem from the financial industry. At the end of the two weeks, you and your team will present your findings to a jury consisting of experts from Bain & Company and HSG. Finally, the winning team will pitch their idea at Bain’s Zurich office.

Please register by sending us your CV by Feb 26, 2019 @

Agenda for the Kick-off Event:

06:15 Opening lecture by Prof. Aymanns
06:30 Lectures by leading industry experts from Bain & Company
07:30 Presentation of the case challenge and group formation
08:00 Apero

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Co(de) - Learning @ HSG

This event takes place every Monday, 6pm at MakerSpace, (17.09.2018 - 17.12.2018) Come join us!


The fact is, there are more people at HSG than you'd think that want to learn to code, have already started to learn to code or are already quite good at coding. There are literally thousands of resources on the web teaching you anything you want to know about programming at the ideal place for you, so why not start now? 

It's time to bring together everybody interested in learning to code and those who are already on the learning path at the University of St. Gallen.

At our event, you will be surrounded by people learning to code or working on projects involving programming. We provide a space where you can start learning whatever you're interested in, work on your own ideas but also find like-minded people you can ask for ideas, help, support, know-how, and so on… If you don't know where to start, we will help you find the perfect resource which suits your interest and learning pace.

Any skill level is welcome, no matter if you have no experience or are already familiar with many topics: 

Don't have any experience whatsoever, but think coding might be relevant for you in the future? - Join many others and learn your first programming language 

Have a university course for which you have to do coursework on? - Join us to discuss ideas and problems with others and continue working on your project

Already experienced in coding? - Join for a cool atmosphere and help others who are at a point which you were not too long ago

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Kaminabend mit Accenture


Verbringt mit uns einen gemütlichen Abend vor dem Kamin!

Accenture und der Data Science and Technology Club laden Euch am 4. Dezember zu einem Kaminabend in der Einstein Bar ein. Wir diskutieren in lockerer Atmosphäre gemeinsam über spannende technologische Entwicklungen. Ein Experte von Accenture wird Euch einen aktuellen Einblick in das spannende Themenfeld von Artificial Intelligence und Natural Language Processing geben und alle Eure Fragen beantworten. 

Seid dabei und meldet Euch bis am 2. Dezember 2018 via an (kein CV nötig). Wir freuen uns auf Euch!


Join us on a cozy evening in front of the fireplace.

Accenture and the Data Science and Technology Club invite you to join us on the 4th of December at the Einstein Bar. In a relaxed atmosphere we discuss fascinating technological developments. An expert from Accenture will give you insights into the highly interesting topic of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing and answer all your questions.

Don’t miss out and register until the 2nd of December 2018 via (no CV needed). We’d love to see you!

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Hack-a-Coin: Program your own Coin on Ethereum!

Was ist ein Coin eigentlich? Gemäss welchen technologischen Prinzipien funktioniert eine Blockchain?

Zuerst schauen wir die Basics der Technologie an sowie einige Use Cases. In einem Spiel erlebst du die Komplexität der Consensus Algorithmen (z.B. Wieso benötigt das Bitcoin Netzwerk so viel Strom?) Dann gehts ans Eingemachte: Du programmierst deinen eigenen Coin und machst Transaktionen auf dem Ethereum Netzwerk. Mitbringen: Laptop & Neugierde. 

Melde Dich unter folgendem Link an:


What is a coin? According to which technological principles does a Blockchain work?

First we look at the basics of technology and some use cases. In a game you will experience the complexity of the consensus algorithms (e.g. Why does the Bitcoin network need so much power?) Then it's time to get down to business: You program your own coin and make transactions on the Ethereum network. Bring your own laptop & curiosity.

Sign up here:

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McKinsey Digital & Analytics Event

Registration: with CV by October 7, 2018 via

From Big Data to Super Bowl

Do you know the right tactics to play in Advanced Analytics? Then touch-down with McKinsey at the HSG for a chance to schedule a season of games in the McKinsey Football League. Navigate hard constraints, soft constraints and an inconveniently timed Justin Bieber concert to come up with the best fixture list. Discover how Big Data impacts business problems across industries and functions and get to know McKinsey’s Digital and Analytics practice.
Who’s game?

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Life @ Google

Learn more about how to best apply at Google, get insights about career path and learn more about what a job at Google looks like.

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Women in Tech in Cooperation with PWC

Have you always wondered how women in tech think and act?

Then join the women in tech event and get to know PwC's inspiring speakers Carmen Schwarz and Janet Phan and learn more about theid educational backgrounds, career paths and what skills it takes to become a female leader within PwC's Digital Services.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the event – female students only.

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Influencer Marketing – Disrupting the Advertising Industry

Social media has been changing the way in which people communicate. Business models have changed to benefit from these shifts in social trends.

One industry where business practices experience disruption is the advertising industry. Influencer marketing is sweeping the online space as a new advertising concept. Persons with well-followed social media accounts lend their brand image for the endorsement of goods or services. Does public brand support necessarily entail genuine appreciation for the endorsed things? What are the perks of influencer marketing and what can be downfalls such as legal issues? 

This event aims to discuss influencer marketing using insights from different disciplines.

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Digital @ HSG

The kick-off event “Digital @ HSG” brings together HSG students, faculty, clubs, and other initiatives interested in the topic of digitalization.

Various digital projects in the realm of HSG will give a short presentation and allow insights how students can get active. There are multiple ways for students to engage in this topic at our university. This event is supposed to provide an overview of the available opportunities. It creates a platform for students and faculty interested in the topic of digitalization.

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Data Scientist: The sexiest Job of the 21st Century?

The Data Science and Technology Club invites you to Grand Finale of the events in the spring semester 2018. The job as data scientist has received a lot of attention in recent years. The Harvard Business Review titled in 2012: “Data Scientist: The sexiest job in the 21st century” already in 2012. Since 2016, data scientist has been named the best job in America three years in a row on Glassdoor. Important skills for the job as data scientist are not necessarily only coding, math, and machine learning but also critical thinking, communication, problem solving, and a good business intuition.

We are proud to present five experts that will give you an exclusive insight into the world of data science and why this field is so attractive for business students:

  • Johannes Binswanger: Professor for Business Economics and Public Policy. Prof. Binswanger is head of the certificate program “Data Science Fundamentals” at the University of St. Gallen.
  • Jukka Hekanaho: Analytics lead at Accenture. Big data expert with 20+ years of experience in delivering analytical and client centric solutions, matching together customer needs and company situation.
  • David von Rickenbach: Innovation Lead at Thomson Reuters Labs. David develops next generation products and solutions for Thomson Reuters. He also supports the local blockchain ecosystem as co-chair of the technology working group at the Crypto Valley Association.
  • Cord Stern: M.A. HSG and Data Scientist at IBM. Expert in Data Science & Machine Learning Applications, such as Predictive Modelling, Data Fusion, and Backend Architecture.
  • The panel discussion will be moderated by Massimo Mannino, PhD and co-founder of, who currently works as data scientist at Wüest.

 After the event, we invite all of you to an Apero, where we can follow up with the discussion. It would be great if you indicate your participation by sending an email to

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FinTech – Zukunft der Bankenindustrie?

Durch die FinTech Welle ist klar geworden, dass sich die Bankenindustrie im Wandel befindet und das klassische Bankenmodell vor großen Herausforderungen steht. Wirke in diesem interaktiven Workshop an der Zukunft des Banking mit und lerne, wie digitale Trends optimal genutzt werden können.

Accenture ist ein weltweit führendes Dienstleistungsunternehmen, das ein breites Portfolio von Services und Lösungen in den Bereichen Strategie, Consulting, Digital, Technologie und Operations anbietet.

Beim anschließenden Apéro hast du die Chance, mehr über den Arbeitsalltag sowie deine Karrieremöglichkeiten bei Accenture zu erfahren.

Anmeldungen per E-Mail unter Angabe deiner Personalien, Studienrichtung sowie Studiensemester und dem Betreff „FinTech Workshop“ an Anmeldeschluss ist der 6. Mai 2018. Die Anzahl der Plätze ist beschränkt. Erst mit der definitiven Bestätigung nach der Anmeldung per E-Mail ist die Teilnahme gültig.

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Æternity Blockchain

The CEO of Æternity and one of the bright minds behind Ethereum, Yanislav Malahov, will come and give a talk followed by a Q&A Session and grant you exclusive insights into a company that does not only speak about blockchain but is actually developing the next generation of blockchain technology.

Æternity is a new blockchain technology, designed to deliver unmatched efficiency, transparent governance and global scalability. Check it out at

The event will be followed by an apero in the 01-Foyer, kindly sponsored by Æternity.

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Christmas Party

Christmas is just around the corner and we’re organizing together with START Global a Christmas Party as our semester closing event on Tuesday December 5th. Join us for a Drink of the Night at Meeting Point starting at 7 pm. Use this opportunity to connect with like-minded people and discuss with the DSTC Board potential event ideas for the upcoming semester.

Please sign up for this event by sending an email to

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Enemy, Friend or Crush? Analyze your WhatsApp Communication with R

91 % of all mobile messenger users in Switzerland communicate over WhatsApp (Source Comparis). We handle dozens of messages every day and sometimes we don’t get the meaning out of the conversation. What if there’s a way to read between the lines and you could begin to see what your friends or dates really mean?

Our upcoming Natural Language Processing (NLP) Workshop will help you to find and make sense of the hidden signals which might have already reached you. During the Workshop with David Schwarz from PWC, you will analyze your own WhatsApp Chats by programming a few lines in the language R. WARNING: You may find out more about yourself and your chat partner than you want ;-)

IMPORTANT: Bring your phones and laptops with R and RStudio installed. All programming skill levels welcome.

Register: Send an email to confirming your attendance.

After the workshop, you will be invited to an apéro. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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Digital Day @ HSG

Walk in an explore our program during the Digital Day @ HSG.

  • Write your first line of code
  • Learn the basics about artificial intelligence
  • Program a game on the iPad
  • Build your own drone
  • Experiment with microcontrollers and LEDs
  • Create a mini game in python and javascript

START will also have an information booth and inform you about the upcoming events and hackathons.

Powered by Data Science and Technology Club @ HSG, START Global and SHSG.

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START Hack - Information Session

From February the 23rd until the 25th, 2018, the START Hack (hackathon) will take place again at HSG. The Data Science and Technology Club and START Global are organising the first ever HSG Hack Class this semester to prepare HSG students for this hackathon during weekly sessions. Leading up to the hackathon in February, you will gain valuable insights/skills in Blockchain, AI, IoT, VR and way more. And all of that FREE of charge! Hacktastic!

Now, on Monday the 20. November there will be an information stand in the library building (09). So bring your friends and all your burning questions to come see us!

P.S. In order to join the START hack project you do NOT need to be an expert in the field of IT, hacking etc. IT affinity and our help will be enough to teach you the basics of the concepts mentioned before!

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Cognitive Computing – The IBM Approach to AI

Cord Stern, HSG alumnus and now data scientist at IBM, will introduce IBM’s approach to Artificial Intelligence. This event will allow you to get an exclusive insight into AI at one of the main players in the AI arena.

We are meeting at 6pm in the new Maker Space right next to Mensa A.

There will be drinks and snacks. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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IoT in Action

Did you know that the number of connected devices is expected to grow to 30 billion by 2020? The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the world we live in. The Data Science and Tech Club is organizing a kick-off event for everyone who is interested in IoT. The meeting is for total beginners and experts.

We meet on Thursday, 19 October 6.15 pm in the new HSG Maker Space right next to the Mensa. The goal of this meeting is to kickstart a new project group that meets from time to time and builds real-world IoT applications. The first venture will be to follow up with our LoRaWAN project, which we started last year. LoRa (“long range”) is a super exciting technology that allows to connect devices to the Internet without 4G or WiFi. The city of St. Gallen is building its own LoRa network at the moment. For instance, the new parking sensors that can be found all over the city are working with this technology.

We are looking for beginners and experts who are interested in creating new and exciting LoRa applications. Opportunities seem endless and there is potential to spin-off and found your own LoRa start-up!

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Geschäftsführung und Programmieren I

Egal welche Disziplinen, sei es Marketing, Finanzen, Personal oder Unternehmensführung, Informationstechnologie ist überall ein wichtiger Bestandteil. Die Veranstaltung Geschäftsführung und Programmieren I soll einerseits anhand theoretischer Konzepte die Wichtigkeit von technischen Kenntnissen aufzeigen und andererseits mit Praxisbeispielen und Übungen, Interesse am Programmieren im Geschäftsführungskontext wecken.

Weitere Information auf

Anmeldungen sind ausschliesslich über das Online-Formular auf möglich. Anmeldeschluss ist am 4. Oktober 2017. Die Anzahl der Plätze ist beschränkt. Erst mit der definitiven Bestätigung nach der Anmeldung per E-Mail ist die Teilnahme gültig.

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SAP Hub Visit - Insights into the Future of Work and SAP Career

SAP is the world largest business software provider. We meet and greet at its St.Gallen Office to get first-hand account by doctoral candidate Michael Blaschke about how SAP employs emerging technology to strengthen the future of work. Beyond, doctoral candidate Johanna Lienerth will shed light on her multi-year career at SAP. Afterwards, we play table football and drink some beers.

For more information about SAP see

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Data Visualization

Revolutionize your understanding of data using self-service and real time data visualizations.

During this event, the expert David Schwarz from the Data and Analytics Team PwC Switzerland will teach you how to use Tableau and visualise your data. This is a hands-on event so please bring your laptop and request a Tableau Student licence at least two days beforehand. Link: (Link for Mac and Windows)

We are looking forward to seeing you at the event!

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[email protected]

For beginners & experts - The biggest tech event at HSG.

Interested in Digitalization? Learn more about how you can engage in tech at HSG. Get to know courses, clubs, and other initiatives dealing with topics such as Fintech, Big Data, Action Learning in Marketing, and many more.

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Deep Dive: Cryptography with Kaspar Etter

How can the data on our devices be secured from outside access? What principles make sure that a Blockchain is truly immutable?

The answer is cryptography! ETH alumnus Kaspar Etter will present a deep dive into the world of cryptography and is ready to answer any and all questions you might have.

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Introduction to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

“The spread of computers and the internet will put jobs in two categories: people who tell computers what to do, and people who are told by computers what to do.“ At the Big Data Club, we want to make sure that we end up on the right side of this equation. For this reason, Alexander Bechtel will give us an INTRODUCTION TO MACHINE LEARNING AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.

The presentation will be non-technical. After a quick introduction to machine learning and its connections to data science and artificial intelligence, we will develop a small email spam filter to see how machine learning works in practice. Finally, we hope to start some lively discussions about potentials and issues surrounding machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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IoT meets MedTech

Learn about a revolutionary IoT technology (LoRa) in a hands-on workshop. Acquire a better understanding of business innovation and directly apply it to develop innovative business ideas in the MedTech field; the winning team receives a prize in the value of CHF 300.-.

Please register for the workshop through the following form (limited seats available: first-come, first-served):

Further information about the schedule and other details can be found here:

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Co(de)[email protected]

It's time to bring together everybody interested in learning to code and those who are already on the learning path at the University of St. Gallen.

At our event you will be surrounded by people learning to code or working on projects involving programming. We provide a space where you can start learning whatever youre interested in, work on your own ideas but also find like-minded people you can ask for ideas, help, support, know-how, and so on… If you don't know where to start, we will help you find the perfect resource which suits your interest and learning pace.

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START x Nexussquared: Blockchain Gathering @UZH

We invite you to the Satellite Event START x Nexussquared @ UZH on Blockchain on 19th April!

This time we have paired up with Nexussquared and University of Zurich to organise an evening full of speeches, workshops and pitches on Blockchain! The event will be followed by networking and drinks.

Join us at this Blockchain Gathering to learn more about the Applications, Challenges and the Future of Blockchain by signing up over the following link:

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WhatsApp & SQL Hacking

Never heard of SQL to analyze large data sets? No problem! We've got you covered. Attend this workshop and learn the basics of writing SQL code to query a database and prepare yourself for the job market with a highly saught-after skill

You can just come by and work with anonymized data to learn using SQL or register your mobile number now (see link below), so that we can capture your data until the event for you to work with. Note that we will not record anything without your explicit consent (details on the link) and captured data is limited to your online timestamp during a week-long period prior to the workshop. During the event you will learn to analyze your own data using SQL and generate some insights into your WhatsApp usage behavior.

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Introduction to Blockchain

What is a Blockchain? How is it relevant for current and future businesses? What problems can be solved with Blockchains?

All this and more will be answered by Patrick Graber on Wednesday! Come by and get an introduction to one of the most talked-about technologies in 2017!